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Step by step to holiday happiness.

Stomping in the snow has something meditative about it. All around us it becomes very quiet, while that inner voice gains strength. We listen to ourselves. We are in touch with ourselves and, step by step, we hike through magical moments that give our holidays quality. 85 kilometres of perfectly groomed and cleared winter hiking trails make our way easier and lead us to the most beautiful places in the winter region of Hochkönig in the Salzburg region. Completely undisturbed and enjoyable.

We will return to one of the mountain inns or to a hut with a crackling fireplace and a delicious speciality in our cup or on our plate. The convivial get-together brings the best conversations to the table. People talk about what they have experienced and look forward to what is to come. Enrich your holiday with a winter hike at Hochkönig – you won't forget it so soon.
Tread new paths